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Q. I notice your focus changed in 2022. Are you still in business? 

A. The short answer is, yes. I'm just focusing most of my time on showcasing the great outdoors, and helping non-profits. But I'm still open to opportunities. 

Q. Why the change? 

A. Because money isn't everything. There are other ways to earn a solid income. I've also determined a simple life, for me, is a good life. Snow Leopard Creative is my passion in a sense, not my job. 

Q. Are you a marketing manager? Video producer? Editor? Writer? Creative director? Composer?

A. Yes, I've pretty much done all of those jobs at one time or another in my career. 

Q. Can you help me get my videos to YouTube? Set up a channel there? 

A. I sure can! I can also help you with videos and video stories to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more! 

Q. Are you a web builder? Can you help my business create a new website? 

A. I probably can, certainly one that operates as a focal point and links to your web and social media presence. 

Q. Do you consider yourself a "one man band"? 

A. While that term has grown in popularity in recent years with advancements in technology, I shy away from it, even though most projects I take on, I'm the primary producer. My goal is to create completed projects with you.  

Q. Do you consider yourself a strategist?

A. Absolutely not. I like accomplishing things. To quote Herb Keller, founder of Southwest Airlines when he was asked what his company's strategy was, "I'll tell you our strategy. It's called doing things!" 

Q. Can I hire you to produce a commercial for me?  

A. While you could, I'm going to recommend you don't even consider  that possibility, and instead consider how I can help you market yourself, beyond strategic planning.

Q. My business is strapped for cash, and we have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram accounts, plus a website. Can you help us get more polished marketing materials to those, without breaking our bank?  


A. I definitely can. In fact, that's exactly how my business operates. I can meet with you, study your business, evaluate what you are doing, and explain to you precisely how to produce quality multimedia materials to post to those sites and others, consistently, in a scalable fashion. And if you get stuck, I'll only be a phone call, e-mail, text, etc. away.


If you really feel you need more, need me to work with you hand in hand through your first project, I can do that too, for a bit more of a cost. 

The one thing I am not going to do is hire a big crew, show up at your business, produce essentially a commercial without explaining anything to you, then charge you a huge sum for it. I have plenty of experience doing just that, but view it as being a 20th century solution to a 21st century problem. 

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