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Phil Anderson

Interactive CV



Creative video producer & editor and multimedia artist combining cross-functional competencies in all aspects of video production and editing for modern media, broadcast, web streaming, including motion graphic animation and web design working for clients such as Prudential, CBS, Nike, Intel or Starbucks, on jobs for national campaigns, or for live, on air broadcast. 

Highly creative and innovative expert in brand creation, awareness and integration. Marketing and advertising strategy and planning expert with a proven track record of delivery and success. 

2020 - Present - Self Employed / Owner - Snow Leopard Creative

In 2020 I ventured out on my own in self-employment as a writer, publishing three books and several articles in the process.

Also as a creative services specialist focusing on video and multimedia utilizing my culmination of experience and skills garnered over two decades.

2020 - Sales Specialist - Recreational Equipment, Inc

Key Accomplishments

  • As Prudential’s first on-staff video producer in Connecticut and, I designed and ran the studio in Hartford, including camera, lighting and audio set-ups, green screens, and more, subsequently taking on the full workload of all internal and client video requests, in addition to external location productions, resulting in a 400% increase in workload volume, and quadrupling of staff size built around my skills and achievements.     

  • Produced key corporate videos showcasing both products and services for Prudential, that resulted in the two largest deals in company history; Philips Corp. at $5.2b, and Joint Industry Board at $5.6b.   


  • Significantly increased awareness of Prudential’s technical advancements by writing and producing Amazon Echo promotional material for nationally used sales presentations showcasing Prudential’s Alexa app.

  • Significantly increased Prudential’s products and service awareness to nearly 3 million new participants by producing several videos in Spanish for native Latin America and multi-lingual language client base.


  • Developed college courses and workshops on film, video, music and multimedia production including creation and planning of class structure, and all presentation materials from video, graphics, music and documentation.   


  • Collaborated in the look and design two television station branding changes and two broadcast lifestyle shows, increasing broadcast market share by nearly 40% over a two year period.

Joined REI during the pandemic, engaging people in the value of the great outdoors. Transferred from Hartford to Clackamas, to be back home in Oregon in 2023.. 

2014 - 2019 - Video Producer & EditorPrudential Financial

As Prudential’s on-staff senior video producer and editor I worked directly with clients, creative peers, and senior executives on virtually every major marketing and advertising campaign visually representing the company's brand.   

Previous Career Experience

Graphic Designer & Editor - KOIN TV (CBS),                                Portland, Oregon

Collaborated in the look and design of two lifestyle shows, and two station identity branding changes. Participated in the production of over 100 project packages, promotional and commercial spots.

Adjunct Instructor - Clackamas Community College, Oregon City, Oregon

Created and developed classes and workshops on media production.

Assistant Director - Turner Broadcasting / Portland Timbers

Assisted in the premier full HD interactive webcast of Portland

Timbers soccer matches, and other events. Telly Award winner.

Practical Skills

         Expert - Marketing management. Video producer, editor and director,
                       sound editor & designer, motion graphic design and
                       animation, music composer.  Brand development,
                       awareness and integration expert. Highly creative writer.  
Intermediate - Sound recordist & mixer, set and location lighting, graphic 
                       design, web design, client interaction & presentation.         
Experienced - Storyboarding, 3D animation, coding, sketching, set design.

Senior Graphic Designer - PhotoCraft / Oregon

Completed design work for commercial advertising firm for clients such as Nike, Intel, Adidas, Columbia Sportswear, and Starbucks.



Computer Skills

         Expert - Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition, Media 
                      Encoder, color grading, file codecs and conversion.       
Intermediate - Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat, In Design, Dreamweaver 
                       MS Office, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, DaVinci, DAM systems. 
                       Web building (Wix, Wordpress, Squarespace). 

Experienced - Adobe Lightroom, Cinema 4DXL, VizRT, HTML &                                         CSS, Brackets I/O. AP/ENPS, SEO, CRM.

FITP (Film) graduate, Quinnipiac University.


Classes in video production, Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro

Pacific Northwest College of Art


Workshops in broadcast production, business management.

Masterclass graduate of 14 courses.


Previous experience as an advanced level mountaineer traveling the globe gave me life experience as a self-starter with a disciplined work ethic, and focused contingency planner. 

Personal Development

  • Authored three published books and numerous articles.

  • Developed and delivered presentations on futurism and trends.

  • AI power user of prompt engineering since 2022; Chat GPT, Bard, Bing, Midjourney, Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, Pinokio, Leonardo, Pika, Eleven Labs.

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