I sometimes get asked about my background in mountaineering from an earlier time in my life, so I decided to create this page dedicated to my past endeavors in this realm. I met and befriended great people during those years, and am proud of what we accomplished, and how it shaped me as a man. 

The majority of my climbing was done in days before technology changed the sport the way it has today, and guiding paying clients up famous peaks (often wealthy people) became a business enterprise. I spent most of my time climbing in the Cascades, but also the Sierra Nevada mountains, and elsewhere in the western United States. While I did learn from classes and experts, the vast majority of my climbing was not guided, instead working in small teams, often with myself as the team leader. I frequently sought out routes on peaks that were not often climbed, or in off season (including winter) and thus with no footprints to follow. I eventually ventured out past the United States to remote areas in Canada, South America, China, and Central Asia.


The only climbing I do these days in a rock climbing gym to keep fit, though I haven't completely ruled out the possibility of one day returning to the high mountains. When asked why I am no longer into climbing, I tend to default to an old idiom:


There are old mountaineers, and bold mountaineers, but there aren't very many old, bold mountaineers. 

Below find a video of a first ascent I completed with a close group of friends in the St. Elias range along the Canadian/Alaskan border. Below that find a gallery of photos taken from days gone by. 

A first ascent in the St. Elias range along the Canadian/Alaskan border in the Pinnacle Peak group. This particular peak had never been climbed before, and had no specific name. In fact, we believed only one other mountaineering team had ever been into this area before. I was the cameraman on this climb, with climbers Danius Zaldokas and Denise Norman. Leah Battersby climbed in support, but did not summit this particular peak. This was shot in April 2001.

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