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Snow Leopard Creative

Snow Leopard Creative is a micro marketing company specializing in showcasing the great outdoors, its beauty, and many uses. As well as helping those less fortunate looking to make use of video in their social media marketing and online presence, but are working with limited resources or don't know where to start. 

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Don't like reading websites? You can watch a quick video here if you prefer. 

I spent over twenty years as a professional in marketing, advertising and video production. I worked in television broadcasting, corporate advertising, and many commercials and ad campaigns. While this was both exiting, and lucrative at times, the passion of doing so grew thin and wore on me. 

In 2019 I left the corporate world behind to start my own micro agency, with a focus on cutting through the waste, even abuse, I so often saw. Firms gouging customers. Endless meetings on strategy, planning, communication. My goal was to work as quickly, and efficiently as possible, teaching small businesses as much as anything, how to make use of video for their own online and social media presence. 

Then Covid-19 hit. 

I'll also freely admit this venture was very up and down, and honestly frustrating in ways I did not expect. I was cautioned by one business associate that I was in for a shock, and visiting many small businesses it would be like going back to pre-Y2K! This truth led to bouts of frustration. I also have a long background working with charities, non-profits, and found myself often giving too much away! 

Months later, waves of Covid throughout society, personal family issues, and a slow trip across the country spending time with family, as well as time volunteering, led me to believe my focus needed to be one of my passion, and compassion, and I turned Snow Leopard Creative into a conduit, or portal as much of anything. I'm hoping in the months and years to come to produce content showcasing and sharing my extensive experience in the great outdoors, my knowledge of products, wilderness safety, even a bit on survival. 

And it's my full intention to also help non-profits, and those less fortunate. While little of my marketing content is currently up on the web, I've been doing behind the scenes help with autism awareness. Click here for more.

There's always a chance I'll seek more profitable work in the future as a form of a micro advertising firm, and I'm certainly open to an questions or opportunties anyone may have. If you wish to see what my original business plan and proposals looked like, let me know. 

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