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Snow Leopard Creative

Snow Leopard Creative is a micro advertising production company specializing in showcasing the great outdoors. But also using multimedia and video production, to help those less fortunate looking to make use of video in their online presence, but are working with limited resources or don't know where to start. 

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Don't like reading websites? You can watch a quick video here if you prefer. 

It doesn't take a marketing analyst to know the use of video for advertising and social media marketing continues to grow at an astounding pace with no end in sight. You don't need to be carpet bombed with statistics proving this. 

When small businesses look into how to catch onto this wave, they find themselves seeing two primary paths: 

1. Spend $X,000 (that you likely barely have, if at all) to hire a professional video     

    company to produce something akin to a TV commercial. 


2. Try using your phone to shoot something, anything, and hope it comes out

    well enough that it drives at least some traffic to your site, and you don't sell

    your business, and yourself, short. 

I'm here to show you another way. I've been involved in marketing, advertising, multimedia, and video production for two decades, working on projects for clients of every conceivable size and scope.


I offer two primary services to help your business. Services that you can implement quickly and effectively to help your multimedia presence, connect you to potential clients and customers, and grow your book of business. 

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One hour consultation where I come to your business and teach you:


a) How to shoot your own video, make it

    look and sound good, and properly get it

    to the web and hosted. 

b) Instruction in plain English on how to

    make best use of video and visual

    content for social media marketing. 

c) Documentation for your reference that's

    easy to read and understand, and yours

    to keep. 

d) Business friendship lifeline just a phone

    call, text or email away. 

+/- $100


Everything involved in Consultation, plus:


I will come to your business with some of my gear gear and make your first video look more polished. 

a) Shoot the video. 

b) Edit the video. 

c) Host it, and prepare files for you or your      web developer to make use of. 

d) Explain what I do every step of the way,

    so you can repeat it on your own in the


+/- $1500

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