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Vacation Home Videos

If you're a property owner looking to get the most value out of your rental, look no further. With our professionally designed video showcasing your property, you can be confident that you will receive a high number of inquiries and have the best chance of finding a renter. We offer a very flexible pricing system. Often as simple as exchanging a free stay at your rental for our services.

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New Hampshire Cabin
Forest Cottege
Rock-N-Roll Cabin!
Treeview Lodge

Q. What do you mean by "flexible pricing?"

A. Quite simply, one of us contacts the other, we find a date and time that is mutually workable for both of us, I come to your property and shoot a video of it in exchange for a free stay. Either at that time, or in the future. No taxes to deal with. The only paperwork is a simple form we both sign agreeing to this. 

Q. Will you be staying at my rental the same visit you shoot the video, and I get the video later? Or would you come visit the property, complete the video, then stay at my property on a later date? 

A. Either works. It usually comes down to logistics, location, timing. 

Q. Since I don't know you, are you interested in paying for 1 night, and staying for a night or two free in exchange? 

A. This is certainly possible! It depends on schedule, location and more. 

Q. How long does it take you to complete a video?

A. It usually takes a total of 24 hours, spread out over two days to shoot a video, weather pending. It takes about a month to edit and finalize the video and get it online. 

Q. How many people are on your team to shoot the video? And how many guests would be staying at my property? 

A. Most videos are shot entirely by myself. Sometimes I use 1-3 other people. This same rule applies to guests staying. 

Q. How many days are you looking to stay at my property as part of the deal?  

A. Usually two nights. Usually mid-week. Off, or shoulder season is very workable as well.  

Q. This sounds kind of fancy. I just have a small cabin in the forest. Are you still interested? 

A. I sure am! In fact, more often than not I seek out unique, quirky, small places. 

Q. Can I meet you, talk about this on the phone, or even face to face?  Can I be there when you shoot at least some of the video?  Give my input? 

A. The answer to all of those questions is yes. Just ask! 

Q. Can I, or someone in my family, or a friend appear in a video? Either looking like guest models, or speaking even? 

A. Possibly. However, if you don't have experience speaking on camera before, it can be far more challenging than you realize. 

Q. How do I make use of the video?  

A. We will host it online. Currently, Airbnb does not allow embedding of videos, but you can put a link to the hosted video directly in your channel. VRBO is a little more friendly but similar. If you have a website, embed codes for hosted videos are easy to add. I can also add a link to your listing in descriptions of videos I host in most places. 

Q. I only have an apartment in the city. Will this work for me?  

A. This may not be practical, but I won't rule anything out. Go ahead and hit me up! 

Contact Me

If this sounds interesting, just send me your name and e-mail and I'll get back to you. 

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