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Your Next Life

I’m going to make you an offer. It’s an offer for your future life. Not this one, the next one. Even if you don’t believe in such a thing, play along.


Instead of coming back to another life similar to the one you currently live, consider this option: You’ll be born into a loving home with your brothers and sisters. Your dad won’t be around, but your mom will give you all of her love and care for you until it’s time to be on your own. From there, gentle giants will take care of you. You won’t quite speak the same language, but they will often understand you. They will have magical powers you can barely comprehend, things like predicting the weather, knowing when danger lurks. They will give you a safe and warm home perhaps with one of your brothers or sisters, or a couple new friends. They will give you a tremendous amount of love, and all the tasty food you can eat. When you are sick they will take you to other giants who may frighten you a little at first, but will use their magical powers to heal you. You won’t have to work a single day in your life, and will get to go outside and play sometimes, or just stay inside and sleep all day if you prefer. If you make a big mess, they will clean it up. You’ll never have a single chore to do. They’ll take care of it all. Everything. There’s only one catch. You’ll only live to be about 15 years old, that’s it. But the gentle giants will care for you with all their hearts to the end, and make sure your passing is as painless as possible.


Do you wish to trade? If you answered “yes” then your next life will be…as a house cat. Looking around my house, I’m personally saying yes. Though I’ll understand if a cat’s life isn’t for you.


My mother was a vertically challenged woman. Her driver’s license once listed her at 5'1". That was generous. She didn’t get taller as she got older. Frustrated trying to reach high kitchen cabinets, window latches, top shelves in stores, etc. she insisted that when she came back in her next life she was going to be a giraffe. Now, every time I visit the zoo…

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