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The Imposter

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I was able to hack into Phil’s account today, and this is important because someone needed to expose him for being an imposter. He has been given credit where it isn’t deserved, been willful in others mistaken perception of his accomplishments or positive assumptions of him, and he is essentially a fraud. Much of what he has been credited for doing, that wasn’t erroneously given praise, or achieved by luck, actually belongs to me.


You see, Phil was actually a very poor student in school. He barely made it through high school, graduating with something like a 1.2 GPA. The counselors that told him he would never amount to anything would have been right, had it not been for his good fortune, and impersonation of me. Yes, he did spend time studying on his own, and his mother did her absolute best to help further his education, but the fact is, he should not be perceived to have knowledge or intelligence anywhere near the level beyond his pitiful education. His subtle attempts, even if earnest on his behalf, should be considered a ruse. He is no Eric Hoffer, whom he claims to admire, but barely read any of Hoffer’s works.


Even if we break down his history, and so-called accomplishments, I can tell you the truth you don’t know about them, and why you shouldn’t be impressed, and instead call him out on it.


He did study music in his youth, but he’s a fraud there as well. He never could achieve anywhere near a level of sight reading sheet music, a gold standard for a quality musician. Despite repeated attempts at learning relatively basic piano pieces by J.S. Bach, he struggled with them. The one time he spent a lot of energy learning what has to be one of the easier pieces of Frederick Chopin, he never was able to play it correctly once. His studies in college of music resulted in a lot of incomplete classes. I know, I’ve seen his transcripts. Much of the music you have heard from him since then, even the mammoth 33 minute music suite he spent months working on is rooted in imitation of other great musicians that came before him. Don’t be fooled that there is anything there simply because it’s a style of music you’re not used to. If your knowledge here is a 1, and an expert is a 10, his being a 2 should not impress you much.


As to his ability and attempts to write, he’s never had a single thing published. He was too afraid to pursue this, knowing he’d be rejected, and rightfully so. The contests he did win for his writing were also likely based on luck. Had they been of worthy quality, they would have sold. No, his writing ability is mediocre at best.


Some of the photographs you have seen him post on the web over the years is also rooted in good fortune. Having the light be just right, the work of God really. Not that he makes such lofty claims, no, he knows he had little to do with this, but he doesn’t actively remind you that he merely hit the “take picture” button, which a monkey could do.


As to his career in video production, animations and graphics, he is a fake and fraud here as well. I’ve seen the majority of his work, and a great deal of it is garbage, only slightly better maybe than the junk you see on YouTube. The films he made are all average to poor at best, no wonder he never got anywhere there. He did win a Telly award, and puts that on his resume, but that was from a group effort, and he was likely the weakest link in that project, riding the coattails of others to an award, which by the way, is likely the easiest national award to win. If he were really good, he’d have won an Emmy or Oscar, attributed to his name. But he’ll never do that.


Even if we look beyond his career, into what he has done otherwise. He mentions he raced a bike years ago. But the reality is, he wasn’t any good at it. He crossed the finish line first one time, and that was in a race at the lowest level. In amateur cycling racing there are 5 classes, with 1 being the best, 5 the least. He did finish his racing at the Category 3 level, but he was one of the slowest, weakest racers at that level, and only raced a handful or local races then. One of them he even dropped out, likely in shame. Oh, and he never won anything at the Category 4 level.


He did travel the globe visiting remote places, and climbing mountains, some of which were remote, and never climbed before. But again, this is less impressive than it sounds. It was mostly a matter of hooking up with the right people, and buying an airplane ticket and flying there. Any idiot who is reasonably fit can do that. And let’s be clear, it doesn’t take a genius, or super athlete to get physically fit. Anyone can do it with a little time.


Oh, and he had plenty of time through the years, from mostly living alone, and being single. You see, all of his attempts at relationships ended up in failure as well, mostly his fault as well.  


I know all this, I was there, every step of the way, every moment. I know it, because I’m the real Phil.

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