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8i A P0wer U5er

What is an AI Power User? Simply put, it's someone who not only knows how to make use of AI apps and algorithms within the rules and tools but forth by modern cognitive AI, but able to see past the rudimentary benefits the AI offers. 

Put another way, one could ask AI to create an image of a well known place for an article they wish to write and call it good. But a power user will use the general theme of the article they wish to write, and use specific aspects of their knowledge to instruct the AI to match the article. They could use styles of art photography, specific buildings, locations. If from another time, they could instruct the AI to match old, no longer used film stock, film processes, or printing techniques to gain authenticity that immediately piques the reader's interest, and sets a tone. 

Thus, an artist, a creative producer, who may have studied art appreciation and history for years, who now feels their education may be replaced or usurped by AI, on the contrary can quickly become a power user, by accessing their acumen from years of study. 

On the flip side, with AI writing apps, such as Chat GPT, a power user is far more likely to know key writing styles, be that historical, or from famous authors, that you wish the AI to mimic, but beware of the pitfalls of effective plagiarism from AI "scraping" (essentially stealing others' work). 

A skilled creative, writer, designer, artist is also going to have vastly superior editing skills than an average user, which is paramount to both originality, and fairness. 

Here is are two contrasting examples. I have written before on my site about Reinhold Messner, the greatest mountaineer in history. In the first example I asked AI to create an image of Messner as if painted by Rembrandt, the classic Dutch master artist from the Renaissance. I did this to match it to an short article written about Messner written in the style of Jonathan Swift, a classic author from nearly the same time. 


In the second example, I matched a sketch of Messner in a modern, colorful style of painter Francoise Nielly. I then coupled this bright, colorful image to an article written with AI in the style of David Sedaris (don't worry David, I won't ever try to sell this).


The two samples are quite different. But the image I used help augment the writing. 


The images were made in Stable Diffusion, the article written in Chat GPT (3.5). For clarity, I edited, and re-wrote both pieces to make them flow better. The images I did little more than crop. I chose fonts for the titles to match the theme as well. 







Honor and Courage Amongst the Highest Peaks


Gather round, lovers of adventure, for I have a tale of bravery and conquest to tell you.

It is a tale of a man born of the mountains, a man who defied the odds and pushed the limits of what was once thought possible. This man is Reinhold Messner, the greatest mountain climber in all of history.


With a noble heart and a strong will, Messner was destined for greatness. Born in Italy, but of Austrian blood, he was a true son of the Alps. His thick head of hair and full beard were a testament to his rugged strength and unwavering determination. From an early age, Messner knew he was meant for the mountains, and he set out to conquer them with all the fervor of a true Tyrolean man.


As he grew older, Messner's skill and experience grew along with him. He pushed himself to the limits, facing danger and adversity with unflinching courage. And in 1978, he accomplished what many thought was impossible: he climbed Mt. Everest without the aid of oxygen, a feat that had never before been accomplished. But Messner was not content to rest on his laurels. He set his sights even higher, determined to climb all 8,000 meter peaks.


And so he did. With unparalleled skill and fortitude, Messner scaled peak after peak, conquering the world's tallest mountains one by one. But he was not content to simply climb the established routes. No, Messner was a true pioneer, and he sought out new challenges wherever he could find them. And so it was that in 1980, he climbed Mt. Everest solo, without oxygen, up a new route, in the monsoon season. It was an incredible feat, a true testament to his strength, skill, and sheer force of will.


Through it all, Messner remained humble and focused, driven by his love for the mountains and his desire to push himself to the very limits of human endurance. He proved time and time again that nothing was impossible, that even the highest challenges could be conquered with the right combination of skill, determination, and sheer grit.


So let us raise a glass to Reinhold Messner, the greatest mountain climber in history, a man whose legacy will live on forever in the annals of mountaineering lore. May his spirit of adventure and perseverance inspire us all to reach new heights and push beyond the boundaries of what we once thought possible.













The Mountaineering Marvel


Have you ever heard the story of Reinhold Messner? This guy was the OG wild child, a true blue risk taker. Born in Italy, but of Austrian blood, which makes him Tyrolean (follow that?). Messner was like a wild stallion - with a thick head of hair and full beard, he was a man to be reckoned with low, and high.


And let me tell you, Messner had no fear. He climbed mountains like they were just bumps in the trail. In fact, he was the first man to climb Mount Everest without oxygen. Can you even imagine? At that point in time, people thought it was impossible, but Messner just shrugged and said, "watch me.”


And that wasn't even his biggest accomplishment. Messner was also the first man to climb all 8,000 meter peaks. That's like climbing Mount Everest eight times over! From eight different directions!


And just when you thought he'd done it all, he went and climbed Mount Everest again - solo, without oxygen, up a new route, in the monsoon season. That’s when storms are at their absolute worst in the Himalayas. Imagine a hurricane, but at nearly 30,000’, blasting snow, instead of rain. Others thought it an act of near suicidal lunacy, but Messner just didn't care. Basically brushing the snow off his shoulders when he got back to camp, like a businessman in a three piece, triple breasted Brooks Brothers suit flicking off a few specs of dust.


You see, Messner had a wild streak that men feel like weaklings, and women grow weak. He lived life on the edge, and he didn't care what anyone thought. He just wanted to live the bold, exciting life he wanted. And boy, did he ever.


So raise a glass to Reinhold Messner, the ultimate thrill seeker, the guy who lived life like there was no tomorrow. His legacy lives on as a reminder that sometimes, you just gotta let loose and live a little. Cheers to Messner - may we all be as fearless and free-spirited as he was.

Messner 8541.JPG

As you can easily see, even without having a background in art, or literature, the two pieces look, feel, and read completely different. This is where not only being able to use cognitive AI can increase your output, but all the months, years you spend studying can come very much into your favor, and somewhat quickly make you an AI power user. 

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