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For more than twenty years I have pursued endeavors in the creative arts, from music, to film, to writing, to photography and more, before essentially morphing my skills into the career title of a multimedia producer, cross functionally combining my talents into a successful career.

As this site develops I hope to place various aspects of my efforts here, though much of my work, and glimpses into my life, can be found online at various social media sources. While I do not seek to base my career on freelance work, there are still two areas where I do try to focus my talents, music, and writing. You can follow these links below to see my work there. I'll also list social media links where you can find me as well.  


I'm originally from Oregon, but now make my home in New England. When I'm not in my studio keeping busy, you can often find me out on my bicycle, or hiking the great outdoors. 

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