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Phil Anderson

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A Little About Me

For all of my adult life I have had an abundance of creative energy, even going back to my youth. Studying writing, music, photography, then into my career in various forms of marketing and advertising, working in graphic design, motion graphic animation, video production, video editing, writing, and more, much more.

I did not partake in these ventures as one would a hobby. They became part of who I am, and I have tried to utilize these skills throughout my career, and my life. You could call it my magnificent obsession. 

As this site develops I hope to place various aspects of my creative efforts here, though much of my work, and glimpses into my life, can be found online at various social media sources, I try to focus my talent likely more than anywhere else, as a writer. I feel this is the most challenging and rewarding creative endeavor of all. It requires one to create something from nothing, and rely entirely on the written word to take an audience to a place greater than anything else in life, their imagination. 


I live a quiet, simple life in my home state of Oregon. When I'm not in my studio keeping busy, you can often find me in the great outdoors. 

Endeavors & Aspirations

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I have studied music dating back to my youth and have a full website dedicated to this ambition sharing with you my entire story, goals, and examples of my work. Click below to learn more. 

Phil Anderson

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